LLC is an American company created to help pinball enthusiasts across North America ship and clear customs from one convenient online location.

Tired of not being able to purchase pinballs because of distance and shipping being cost prohibitive? Not sure how to process cross border shipping documents?We’ve all heard the old saying “Necessity is the mother of invention” ? We had the idea to simplify the pinball shipping process by providing a real-time shipping quote,customs clearance and great prices to entice pinball enthusiasts to buy more pinballs without distance being a barrier. You will no longer need to say “I wish you were closer” to purchase the pinball you want. is your self serve online portal to real-time competitive shipping rates,and customs clearance. Shipmypinball is not a place you can hire someone to crate or package your pinball or freight.You can schedule a pick up to a home or a Business Dock but need to pallet your freight yourself.

We look forward to helping you get that pinball you always wanted. contact us and buy your pinball via or Ship your pinball and clear customs online via